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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Brittany, the region with the scenery breathtaking, culture and with a strong identity and whose reputation is well established. In Pays Bigouden, you will be immersed in this authenticity.
Set off to discover its wonders ... Saint-Guénolé, the first sardine port in France, south of Audierne Bay and its long sandy beaches (La Torche, a surfers' paradise).
Discover magnificent landscapes, the pleasures of the sea (fishing, sailing, surfing), hiking (passage of the GR34), horseback riding or cycling.
Take part in traditional festivals (pardons, Fest-Noz), without forgetting the heritage visits (chapels, crosses, menhirs, Eckmühl lighthouse, museums ...) and the discovery of local dishes!



The tip of Penmarc'h: the flagship destination for your holidays in Brittany!

Our beautiful town is full of riches both cultural and natural: at the start of the Camping de la Joie you will find the tip of Saint-Pierre one kilometer to the south, you can then take the solar wind route to visit the Eckmühl lighthouse and its 307 steps, discover the port and the rocks of Saint-Guénolé, the beach of Pors Carn ... A small detour in the direction of the village will lead you to the chapel of the Madeleine and its alignments of menhirs.

You will discover during your walks the historical sites and monuments, the museums which testify to a rich past and an exceptional maritime heritage due to the dangerousness of the coasts and the courage of its sailors who occupy the ports, whose life is punctuated by the arrival of fishing or pleasure boats.
Lovers of sunbathing, games, such as shore fishing (clams, cockles ...), water sports enthusiasts or lovers of nature and large wild spaces, you will love the sandy beaches, the waves, the rocks of character , dunes and marshes, vast protected natural environments ...

Pays Bigouden

Bigouden country

Located in southern Finistère, between the Atlantic Ocean and Quimper, the Pays Bigouden (Bro Vigoudenn in Breton) is a concentrate of what makes Brittany authenticity. Loaded with history, you may not know it but you already know it: the Bigoudènes, famous for their magnificent lace headdress or more recently thanks to the “Tipiak” advertisement, the Eckmühl Lighthouse a stone's throw from the campsite de la Joie, the world-famous board sports spot (surfing, Wind-surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, etc.) at Pointe de la Torche where high-level competitions take place regularly, Le Guilvinec, which is the first fishing port French, the Hénaff pâté, the seaside resort of Bénodet ... that's the Bigouden country. And that's not all.
Discover the Audierne bay, bounded to the north by the Pointe du Raz and to the south by that of Penmarc'h, an incredible natural treasure with its 15 kilometers of fine sandy beaches, its marshes, and a rich diversity of flora and fauna . To the south therefore, our commune Penmarc'h - Saint-Guénolé, the first sardine port in France, a clever mix of nature made up of marshes, beaches and rocks that the waves do not hesitate to kiss. Continuing east, take magnificent paths in the heart of unspoiled and wild nature, passing through the charming typical towns of Guilvinec, Lesconil, Loctudy, to Pont-l'Abbé, the capital. Here you will find a very lively town, with a castle that has become the Bigouden Museum, the square that hosts one of the largest markets in Finistère and its Halles, a shopping street and many monuments, and a pretty river on which is Chevalier Island, famous shore fishing spot (clams, cockles ...). In summer, Pont-l'Abbé comes alive around the "Fête des Brodeuses", which celebrates our culture and our heritage. A little further on, crossing the Cornouaille Bridge, you will have a spectacular view of the mouth of the Odet, to finally enjoy the beaches of Anse de Bénodet.
At the bend of the roads, paths and cycle paths, the hand of Man is very present in Pays Bigouden, you will be impressed by the many crosses and chapels, in particular those of Tronoën, and of course by the local architecture, surrounded by greenery and often hydrangeas, which make Brittany a unique region.
You will never get tired of Pays Bigouden!

La Torche

The torch

A peninsula rising north of Pors Carn beach, the Pointe de la Torche (Beg an Dorchenn in Breton) is a very visited place and world famous for its board sports and sailing activities, in particular surfing and boarding. sailing, kitesurfing, wave-skiing, bodyboarding and sand yachting. There is also sea bass and flatfish fishing (sole, turbot, etc.).
Treat yourself to an organized horseback ride, or simply enjoy magnificent sunsets.

Pointe du Raz

Pointe du Raz

Natural site of international notoriety, La Pointe du Raz (Beg ar Raz in Breton) is a rocky promontory constituting the most advanced part towards the west of Cape Sizun, facing the Iroise Sea in the southwest of Finistère. It forms a "prow" 72 meters high overlooking the Raz de Sein. It is one of the most emblematic sites of the granite coasts of Brittany. The site obtained national recognition in 2010, by obtaining the Label Grand Site de France.
Located an hour from Camping de la Joie, the Pointe du Raz will allow you to immortalize incredible landscapes in photos, offering the best view of the Ile de Sein, 8 kilometers offshore. It is an essential step during your stay.



Listed as a city of art, history and legends, Quimper (Kemper (confluence) in Breton) flourishes at the crossroads of the Steir and the Odet.
You will be seduced by the alleys of old Quimper! Half-timbered and corbelled houses lean towards alleys with evocative names, indicated by the arrows of Saint-Corentin cathedral. By playing leapfrog on the Odet footbridges, your walk continues in a green setting.
King Gradlon, fleeing the city of Ys engulfed by the waves, would have made it the capital of Cornouaille. The Romans developed the commercial vocation of the city. In the 13th century, the corporations settled at the foot of the cathedral under construction. Wealthy emissaries of the King of France confirm the growth of the city and build mansions. Since then, the city extends nobly along its flowered quays.
Three centuries were necessary to build the Saint-Corentin cathedral. Result: one of the most beautiful successes of Gothic art. Superbly restored, two striking spiers rise to 76 meters. You have to cross the porch to see the stained-glass windows blaze. Facing the apostles, cobbled streets take you back to the Middle Ages.
Going along the Odet, you reach the Locmaria district, the cradle of earthenware. The Quimper earthenware works have naïve and lively touches.

The bowls made the Breton couple in costume famous. Attending the various stages of production, in particular the delicate work of the "painters", is an accessible privilege at HB-Henriot.
The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the richest in France. On the walls of the Italian-style palace, works by Boudin, the Pont-Aven School, Tal-Coat, Max Jacob are exhibited… In a former episcopal palace, the Breton Museum offers a pleasant introduction to heritage regional.



Cornouaille is located at the western end of Brittany. Wherever you are, the coast is never very far: wide bays, small beaches bordered by cliffs, ports, rias, to the plunging rocks of Pointe du Raz ...
The country itself is a land of contrasts: moors, stone walls, rich groves animated by rivers, countryside dotted with chapels, calvaries or high bell towers. A country of calm spaces but also a country animated by fishing ports, shopping towns, local markets, museums and festivals, a collection of great wealth that can only touch you.

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